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Mulikamrutam – Herbal Tea


Herbal Tea

With top most 25 herbs of Indian Ayurveda

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Product Name:   Mulikamrutam ( Herbal Tea)

Quantity:   200 gms


When you bring highest phyto active concentrations of selective top most 25 herbs of Indian Ayurveda, the magical effect of ancient wisdom, one can directly appreciate and that are the mist used widely top 25 Indian ayurvedic herbs that would boost metabolism by natural anti inflammatory , anaelgesic, antipyretic, regulation of prostaglandins  like PGE2 Alpha, for cytokin storm control by proper stimulation of immune response by inter lukine response enhancing natural cell repair growth factors like IGF1 and IGF2, for eliciting excellent android growth factors of cell such as FGF- BP3, MGF etc.   HGF and eliciting android response for DNA expression for regulating metabolism.



Highest Phyto Active Herbal Concentrate Drink

For Complete Health Rejuvanation

Metabolic Booster for robust performance

Active energy for an intense day

For blood sugar, triglyceride control

For Muscular, Bone and Joint health

Excellent for boosting humoral immunity for powerful antibody response to any kind of inflammation

It is good digestive, acid regulator, carminative , liver , cardio respiratory protective



Half to One Scoop in 200 ml boiling water two to three times a day

It can be added with Somarasa and any other beverages